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A licensed dealer under GST must file GST returns that include:
  • • Buyings
  • • Sale
  • • GST Production (On sales)
  • •GST (GST charged on purchases) production tax credit
Who should file GST Returns?
  • • Any standard company has to file two monthly returns and one annual report under the GST system. This amounts to a year of 26 returns.
  • • For quarterly GSTR-1 filers, the number of GST filings varies. For them, the number of GST filings online is 17 in one year.
  • • Special instances, such as composition dealers with GST filiation numbers, are allowed to file different returns.
  • • GSTR-1: Outward Supplies Return

GSTR-1 is a monthly return on external supplies made by a regular GST licensed taxpayer. In other words, this monthly return showcases a company's sales transactions in a single month.

Who Wants GSTR-1 to File?

Any usual registered taxpayer under GST is expected to file GSTR-1 per month.

  • • GSTR- 2: Inward Supplies Return

When decided by the purchaser of the goods and services, GSTR-2 is a monthly return of an inward delivery of goods and services. In other words, GSTR-2 provides descriptions of the recipient's transactions made in a given month.

Who Wants GSTR-2 to File?

Each regular GST registered taxpayer is expected to provide information on inward supplies or transactions made in GSTR-2 for each month. This return contains descriptions of transactions made by licensed and unregistered taxable individuals, debit notes and credit notes issued for inward purchases, etc.

  • • GSTR 2A: Read Only document

GSTR-2A is a text for viewing only. If the supplier uploads the information to GSTR-1, this record gets auto-populated. In other words, GSTR-2A helps the receiver to check the information uploaded to GSTR 1. by the provider. The receiver may also approve, deny, alter or hold the invoices pending using the said information. Such improvements, however, are made by the recepient in GSTR-2.

Who Wants GSTR-2A to File?

Both regular registered taxpayer filing returns under GST are made available under GSTR-2A. This is because it is a read-only document that is immediately filled with information submitted to GSTR-1 by the provider.