Best tools for inventory and accounting for your growing organization At any point in time, know exactly what inventory you have, get up-to-the-minute valuations, and keep a check on how fast it's going. For all of your custom inventory requirements, Retailb is the one stop solution. Enterprise software is convenient and user-friendly. You can minimize stock on hand and eliminate excess stock with Retailb.

Tools used for inventory software management
  • • Inventory forecasting tools: Improve stock forecasting using anytime frame and helps in new sales orders, purchase orders and supplier lead times.
  • • Handheld stocktaking tools: Does Ensure accurate stock counts, with full traceability using handheld stocktaking devices.
  • • Stock prioritization: Allocate and reserve stock to particular orders or priority customers.
  • • Real-time customer updates: Flexible enquiry screens and integration with online courier services enables customers to get on the spot updates.
  • • Optimized order selection: Orders are picked to your eligibility, from date, size and value to cost-effective delivery routes and carton size.
  • • Automatic invoicing: Delivery notes and invoices are automatically generated, and sent digitally or in printed format.
  • • Tracked returns: Build tighter controls into your returns policy with tracked return features.
Benefits of using our Inventory Software
  • • Track your mobile inventory- Due to the lack of inventory to sell, no one likes to lose customers and no one wants to load up excess stock. Luckily, to keep your inventory in order, you can use our free stock management tools.
  • • You can monitor your inventory at any time, wherever, build a sales/purchase order anywhere you are.
  • • With Barcode Scanning, Bill faster- we helps you to connect products to your bill using barcode scanning. Get real-time inventory updates- Real-time statistics offer the best picture of a company's success.