Our custom made software enables our users to access their purchase report and sales report or even their stock report in a single click which helps our users to save their valuable time. And our daily statement helps our customers to remember their transactions up-to-date.

We provides:
  • • Sales Report
  • • Sales Return
  • • Sales Order
  • • Quotation
  • • Purchase Report
  • • Purchase Return
  • • Purchase Order
  • • Stock
  • • Repacking
  • • Daily Statement
Sales Report

A sales report is a list of all sales activity within a given time span. A sales review report provides a summary of the status of a company's sales operations. It not only depicts the numerous patterns in market volume over time, but it also explores the various phases of the sales funnel as well as the success of sales executives.

Purchase Report

The Purchase Reports functionality helps the customer to create a list of all reports relating to merchandise purchases, as well as access and check for reports related to suppliers, goods, and purchase transactions. The Supplier Procurement Review report reveals how much and how much you bought from different vendors over a given time span. You can use this data to assess and manage your market..

Inventory Report

Knowing how much inventory stock you have at any given time is critical for a successful business. Inventory control reports will show how much inventory stock you have on hand. Efficiently controlling inventory stock makes sure your valuable capital is being used in the best way possible. The way you manage your inventory will have a direct impact on the cash flow of your business. Inventory management inefficiency will put the company at a disadvantage. Inventories carry a large portion of your working capital, and stocking excess inventories means you're locking up funds.

Stock Register

The main motive of the stock register database is to keep track of a company's security trades done in the past . This database also records details regarding a company's stock as well as information regarding a company's stockholders.We provides a cutom made stock register which can be easily accessible by our users and they can collect the data anytime anywhere by entering the item code.

We helps you to Refresh your financial details each day (your accounting programme does something for you) allows you find cash gaps or overages in a timely way, helping you to sort out where the money goes and detect mistakes or fraud. Deposit paper checks and cash deposits on a regular basis to keep your cash balance stable and your business account records accurate.